KNX system

Intelligent building technology for greater convenience, security and energy efficiency

The Gira KNX system is an intelligent solution for networking and controlling building technology. Due to the targeted linking of devices and functions in accordance with the KNX standard, both living and working have not only become more convenient and secure, but also more energy-efficient and economical.

– Easy operation due to user-friendly operating devices for the KNX system
– Convenient control while on the move
– Greater convenience, security and value due to intelligent networking
– Diverse expansion options due to
the use of the Gira HomeServer
– Expandable system with a future-proof standard

Products for the KNX system

The Gira KNX system enables the seamless integration of different devices and functions. In this way, lighting, blinds and heating can be bundled onto one line and coordinated with ease, as can multimedia, security and door communication systems. This intelligent networking automates the processes and ensures even more convenient living and working. Controlling all the functions is child’s play with user-friendly control devices. Switches, controllers and sensors enable a single room to be adapted at the touch of a button and specific room settings to be saved.

Operation via the Gira Control 9 KNX or the control devices for the Gira HomeServer is even more convenient. The award-winning interface from Gira is clearly designed and intuitive. Any function can be reached within two levels. With the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer app, all the building technology can be conveniently operated within a KNX system from any room or while on the move – using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Diverse expansion options due to the use of the Gira HomeServer

Particularly complex solutions can be implemented by using a Gira HomeServer or a Gira FacilityServer. As the interface between the modern electrical installation and the computer network, the server controls all the building technology components that are networked via the KNX system.

It thus offers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate other technologies such as a door communication system, for example. All the functions can be conveniently accessed – both at home and while on the move – using a variety of control devices with an internet connection.

Search for System Integrators

System Integrators are companies with specialist know-how and particular expertise in the fields of consulting, project planning and commissioning of IP products for building control technology.

They provide technical support and optimally exploit the functional possibilities, particularly with respect to networking with products from other manufacturers, such as multiroom and telephony products. Select a System Integrator in your region.