Air conditioning/heating control

Room temperature controller
Room temperature controller with clock and cooling program
Continuous controller

The Gira room temperature controller is used to control the heating in individual rooms.

The Gira room temperature controller with clock now offers a special cooling program in addition to the previously integrated heating programs.

For convenient and economical single-room temperature control via the Gira KNX system.

Object controller
Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor

variant of the new Gira KNX continuous controller without any operating elements or displays.

The Gira hygrostat regulates the humidity to ensure a pleasant and healthy room climate.

By monitoring the CO₂ concentration, the Gira CO₂ ambient air sensor enables ambient air and thus also wellbeing to be improved.

Gira KNX CO₂ sensor

The Gira KNX CO₂ sensor with humidity and room temperature controller monitors temperature, humidity and CO₂ concentration in buildings, and controls measures for maintaining the room climate within the KNX system.