Outdoor installation

Gira products for outdoor installation

The modern electrical installation for outdoor use: The Gira energy and light profiles can be individually equipped with functions from the TX_44 switch range and enable a variety of applications. They can be used to install the likes of door communication, access control by means Keyless In, motion detectors and lighting exactly where these functions are needed – along paths and green areas, in front of driveways or in entrance areas.

Light and energy profiles
Automatic lighting control
Switch ranges

Gira light and energy profiles extend the electrical installation outdoors. They can be installed exactly where additional light and connections are needed.

Outdoor areas don’t need to be constantly illuminated when it’s dark. Automatic control switches and motion detectors such as the Gira Tectiv 220° monitor the property and switch the light on when motion is detected.

Gira offers especially robust and water-protected switch ranges for outdoor use – which are good to use in all damp environments or in locations where there are particular stresses.